Snap Meet

A Location Sharing and Navigation App

Snap Meet Description

With Snap Meet you can share a snapshot of the event along with the location quickly and easily with whomever you choose. The app automatically loads your location using the iPhone GPS radio and sends an alert to the recipient that you are sharing your location with him or her. The recipient is alerted when someone is sharing a location with them and they are free to choose to load the app with directions to the location. Of course they may choose to disregard the shared location if they prefer, including deleting the record. No notification of the deletion is sent to the sender either way. The GPS coordinates, and snapshot of the location being shared is temporarily stored in a cloud service provided by This information can be deleted by the recipient of the snapshot and location. After a period of 24 hours the location and GPS coordinates are automatically deleted. If the sender changes location by moving to a new area after sending the location share, the informtion is not updated. This gives the sender control over when to share his or her location. The following features are provided in this version:

  • Address Book Contacts
  • GPS Location
  • Include Snapshot of Place
  • Auto-delete after Share
  • Auto-purge after 24 hours
  • Share Multiple Locations
This App may be customized for your own conference. Further information including a press kit is available.

Video Preview
  • App Technologies:

    • Location Share Notifications
    • Secure GPS Location Sharing
    • Location Share Expiration
    • iOS 6.0+ support
    • Objective-C
  • Client:

    Own inCaffeine Project