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A Customer Resource Management (CRM) solution for Small Business

The InCaffeine CRM Hosted Solution is a system that helps businesses easily build and maintain relationships with their customers. The InCaffeine CRM helps improve customer satisfaction, customer retention, and sales growth. This CRM solution also provides insights about the customer to key decision-makers in the organization. Every single stakeholder expects transparency along each step of the client journey, and this CRM is the perfect platform to deliver that experience. The InCaffeine CRM makes it easy to take insightful actions and improve customer engagements, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and sales growth.

An App to Support New Mexicans Trying to Quit Smoking

The DAGAT App supports The New Mexico Department of Health's Disability Advisory Group About Tobacco (DAGAT), in its quest to provide input and direction on the issues related to commercial tobacco for people with disabilities. Emerging data indicates the use of commercial tobacco by people with disabilities is significantly higher than the general population. With this in mind, DAGAT has a broad cross disability representation and involvement. DAGAT is a pro-active component of this process and has commisioned this app to support their mission. The app has features that will help the user relax, keep them informed and even save them money. The app connects users with coupons from DAGAT community partners that will help them save money with special codes. This app is available both for iOS and Android.

DAGAT App on Google Play Store

An App for Classic Car Collectors

The Classic Find App Classic Find is a specialty search application designed for car collectors. The app is tailored for busy collectors who prefer personally curated results when searching for something rare. The app requests searches at auction and collector car sites on a regular basis. When a matching listing or auction is found a specialist reviews the results for relevance based on the user's preferences. If it meets the app user's search preferences, a notification is sent. Classic Find saves the user time from having to review pages of irrelevant results. The app also takes feedback from previous results and lets specialists improve future searches. This app is being developed for iOS only.

An App for NMIFC Conference Attendees

The NMIFC 2019 App enhances the conference attendee's productivity and enjoyment of the The New Mexico Infrastructure Finance Conference (NMIFC). Attendees are provided information about sessions, and accomodations for the conference, including a link to hotel reservations. The app also allows conference sponsors to self-promote with banner advertisements, providing details of their enterprises and exhibits. Session details are organized by conference date, and track. Information is organized to connect the attendee to conference sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. Attendees can add sessions to their itinerary and receive a reminder 10 minutes before the session starts. After the session is complete, an invitation is sent to the attendee to complete a short survey about the session or workshop. This app is available both for iOS and Android.

NMIFC Conference Android App on Google Play Store
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A Journaling App

The Mind Journal App is a journal to keep track of your thoughts while giving you a tool for breaking bad habits. The app provides daily inspirational messages and videos to help you reach your full potential. You can select how often you want to receive a motivational message as notifications, at random times during the day. "Inspiration", "Reflection", and "Compulsion" features to help you be inspired, stay self-reflective and manage compulsions. This app is being developed for iOS only.

My Evolution is a toolbox for helping people evolve as individuals.

My Evolution App supports daily intentional movement toward goals and mindful awareness of self. It has an "urge-surfing" feature that guides the individual to move through/with urges, obsessions, or unhealthy habits rather than fighting them. The app is a support tool designed individually by the individual user. People who use the app report that it helps remind them of their North Star - to stay intentional and focused - and that the app's reminders gives them the impetus to continue the journey toward their goals.

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Snap Meet for Seeing, Sharing and Meeting

Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple app to let somebody know what's going on at a particular place and how to find you quickly? With Snap Meet you can share a snapshot of the event along with the location quickly and easily with whomever you choose. The app automatically loads your location using the iPhone GPS radio and sends an alert to the recipient that you are sharing your location with him or her.

The recipient is alerted when someone is sharing a location with them and they are free to choose to load the app with directions to the location. Of course they may choose to disregard the shared location if they prefer, including deleting the record. No notification of the deletion is sent to the sender either way.

The GPS coordinates, and snapshot of the location being shared is temporarily stored in a cloud service provided by This information can be deleted by the recipient of the snapshot and location. After a period of 24 hours the location and GPS coordinates are automatically deleted. If the sender changes location by moving to a new area after sending the location share, the informtion is not updated. This gives the sender control over when to share his or her location.

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Market Prediction for Equities and Indices on iPad

An algorithm provides a forecast of future equity and market values along with a calculated confidence level.

Data is obtained from Yahoo Finance and stored on the device to make predictions based on Elliot Wave patterns and Fibonacci levels. The app analyzes the current pattern to extrapolate future levels for any provided equity or market index.

The app does not assume that the user is familiar with investment strategy as it is designed for the student or novice investor in mind. Students are encourage to learn from the app how repeating patterns can be used to identify trends.

Act Legal App Connects With NORML Chapters

Act Legal App is an iPhone app for building awareness of medicinal and personal use cannabis laws across the United States, and encouraging involvement with local NORML chapters. The app provides a quick visual reference to the status of local cannabis laws, and makes it easy for the user to connect with their local NORML chapter and participate in local legislation.

The app provides an easy to reference news feed regarding events related to activities in their area, pending legislation, or other related activities. The news feed is presented in a standard summary view with detail information being available on demand.

Users can also elect to receive notifications when an event or vote is pending in their local area. This way they are kept informed and are given an opportunity to participate in the democratic process of decriminalization.

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