An App for Tobacco Users

DAGAT App Description

This app provides information and tools to help individuals quit smoking. To support people with disabilities the app provides for voice activated navigation. Upon launch, the app encourages the user to share their mood with others in their social circle. Depending on their stated mood, the user is presented with tools that would be appropriate given their response. The app's main page then provides additional resources that can be used to encourage the user to quit smoking, or remain smoke free. Features provided include a directory of resources available to call, health facts related to e-cigarettes, audio recordings including meditations and nature sounds to help the user relax, a numbers game to provide a distraction if needed, a Savings Since Quit tracker, coupons from local businesses that are encouraging the user along his or her path, and links to DAGAT's Website, Twitter and Facebook pages. This app is available both for iOS and Android and was designed by Design5Sixty4. Here is a summary of the features provided:

  • Moodshare Section
  • Resource Directory
  • Health Facts
  • Savings Since Quit
  • Nature Sounds and Meditations
  • Coupons
  • Link to Quit Now Program
  • Numbers Game
  • Social Media Connections
  • App Technologies:

    • Native UI Optimzed for Persons with Disabilities
    • Customer Updateable Coupons via JSON API
    • Speech Recognition from OpenEars (iOS version)
    • iOS 8.0+ support
    • Optimized for iPhone 6 & 6+
    • Web-based JSON data
  • Client:

    New Mexico Department of Health - DAGAT

    App Store Link: Play Store Link:
    DAGAT App on Google Play Store