My Evolution App

An App for Personal Evolution

My Evolution App Description

Mindfulness Based Recovery is a process of ongoing commitment to maintaining truth and allowing one’s True Self to emerge. This is done through emotional and spiritual work, resulting in the restoration of Integrity. This process of recovery is not without challenge. Responding in healthy ways to old automatic thinking and harmful impulse patterns is an important and necessary skill. Old beliefs and impulses can confuse the intention to recover the true self. This app aims to help the user along a path of True Recovery. Here is a list of tools provided:

  • My North Star
  • My Intention
  • My Mantra
  • Awareness Cue
  • Inspiring Message
  • Inner Voice
  • Urge Surfing
  • Journal
  • App Technologies:

    • Native UI
    • Access to Photo Library
    • iOS 8.0+ support
    • Audio Recording and Playback
    • Access to Media Library
  • Client:

    The Evolution Group

    App Store Link: